A document management software for SMEs.


Secure files sharing.

Your company has 5 to 200 employees in need of a safe way to collaborate and share files? We have a document management software intended for the SME of today.

Ideas sharing
Virtual documents


  • Documents saving and indexing in a flexible and powerful data base.
  • Groups and sub-groups management to eliminate duplicates and standardise your documentary base
  • Loan and return of documents
  • Automatic preview of documents content
  • Archive and protection of the documents
  • Analysis and recording of metadata for natural research performance, as much in documents names as in their content
  • Digitization of documents with any device of type « Twain »
  • Assignment of management privileges through a simple and powerful interface
  • DOC-U-SAVE adapts itself to your specific needs where appropriate


  • Efficient planning of your documents library
  • Simple addition and retrieval of documents
  • Automatic classification based on a group and exceptionally a sub-group
  • Increased protection against erronous displacement and deletion of documents
  • Instant research through thousands of documents
  • Documents content preview without needing to borrow them
  • Specific access privileges management for each user
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