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Online Backups

All the features that PMCs are looking for to save data we have at RNT.

Maximal security, from backups to recovery.

Our online backups and restauration solution is a trustworthy, secure and affordable protection against your company’s data loss. Ascertain their integrity and simplify your IT risk management with an efficient and quick data recovery service that is functional everywhere, through internet. One configuration, and it’s done!

Your all risks data-insurance.

All is covered: Windows and Mac workstations, as well as servers (including Exchange, HyperV and SQL). Thanks to our innovative solution of backup and recovery for your company, you will be able to optimise your IT security budget while protecting your data in our certified SOC 2 Type II data center.

Complete protection and guaranteed recovery

Between your computers and our data center, all transmitted information is encrypted with the 256-bit AES protocol (advanced encription standard); its transfer is done through a protected connection thanks to a proprietary protocol specially made for online data backup.

Hosted email

Your emails at low cost.

We offer an affordable hosted email service of exchange type. Contact us for more information.

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