At RNT, we have a consulting team at your service.


IT consultation

To help you.

Our IT support service gives you acces to Microsoft certified technicians who can quickly resolve problems concerning your equipment. Our team is available in minimal delay, 24 hours a day all year long.

IT support
IT security


Remote Networks Technologies will establish an action plan with you to endow your company with trustworthy and adequate protection measures. We also take into account the respect of your business objectives, of the preservation of your users’ performance and of specific norms that may apply to your line of business.


It’s all about putting into place cutting-edge solutions to protect your company and, most importantly, keeping them updated.


The solutions in place will allow the validation and transmission of reports to protect your company in real time.


In case of a disaster, the chosen solutions can save your company. It is therefore important to chose well your solutions during the prevention step.


Direct IT support for your users.

The P.A.S.T. service is a monthly maintenance integrated service / by user. Users can contact us directly with no additional fees* if they need it.

P.A.S.T. features

  1. Direct IT support for your users
  2. Intervention speed
  3. Account manager attribution
  4. Improved efficiency of human and technological ressources.
  5. Investment with a fixed cost, no matter the number of service calls.
  6. Intervention description and history on every equipment.
  7. Outage prevention
  8. Monthly follow-up meeting
  9. Simplified planning of expenses
Customer service
SonicWall, Kaspersky, Altaro
SonicWall, Kaspersky, Altaro
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