Telephone system

Hosted telephony, a turnkey service.


Hosted telephone system (CLOUD)

We take care of it for you.

Our hosted telephone solution is a turnkey service. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, updates or latest option available on the market. We take care of it for you. Additionally, our PBX Cloud is in every way reactive, which guarantees an optimal level of service. In conclusion, this system is on our servers in our data center, that’s why we call it a hosted solution (Cloud).

Service cloud
Telephone system

Telephone system on site

Our on site telephony solution demands the purchase of a telephone server (PBX), or even of two if you want better reliability. This type of equipment is not turnkey. Depending on your needs, a certain number of hours will be needed for the deployment. Once everything is up and working, if maintenance, updates or new optons are available, you will have to do them. In conclusion, this type of system is generally more expensive on the short and medium term.

CRM integration

Compatibility with many CRM.

Our telephony service is compatible with many CRM, including Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive, and many others.

Telephone equipment

Equipment / device

Our services are compatible with any open type system like Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink, Snom, Sangoma, and many others.

Need equipments?

We also sell those equipments at very competitive prices.

Virtual telephone

About the virtual telephone, it is possible to transfer your calls directly to a cellphone number or a business line. You can use an application that lets you make calls with your business number.


Extension characteristics list

Toll-free number

A toll-free number (also called a 800 number) can be dialed for free by someone since the recipient accepted in advance to pay the communication fees. Therefore, there are no long distance fees for the caller.

Keep your current telephone number

When you choose to do business with us, we can recover your existing number. Therefore, no number changes. This service is called portability.

Interactive virtual receptionist (IVR)

This is an automated menu offering options from 0 to 9 and that can also have sub-menus with the same amount of options.

Professional recording service

To put in place an IVR, we can guide you so the audio file is done by a professional.


Voicemail can save 100 messages. Each message can be of a maximal length of 120 seconds.


The display lets you see the number of the caller. On the same note, when you will make calls, the people called will see your company’s name and number, if their supplier offers a display service.

Call on hold

You can put an ongoing phone call on hold to accept another one. The subscriber can therefore switch between calls. The call on hold needs to have a second telephone line for vocal communciations.

Waiting music

Our system offers a default waiting music. You can, however, personalise it.

Calls transfer

Allows to send a call on another number. This way, when someone dials a number, the call can be transfered to an internal extension or an external number (cellphone, land-line).

Anonymous call

You can temporarly or permanently make calls while blocking the display of your company’s name and of your number.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to redirect your calls to the telephone number of your choice when you are away or when you simply prefer to be contacted through another number.

Three-people conference call

The three-people conference call allows you to talk to two people at the same time, or to talk in private with one of them while the other is on hold.

Virtual conference room

A telephone conference is a telephone call in which a person talks to several people at the same time.

Organise a meeting and invite your participants to connect in an easy way.

It is a secured service thanks to a confidential access code that you send to each participant: only the people possessing this code will be able to join the meeting.

Sequential ringing (Call Hunting)

With sequential ringing, when you recieve a call on a specific number or virtual receptionist menu choice, you can choose to make it ring on several equipments with a time delay. As an example, it rings on the extension 200, then 10 seconds later on the 201, etc.

Calls supervising

With calls supervising, you can listen to an ongoing call without anyone in the call being informed of it. You can also join an ongoing call.

Finally, you can coach an employee and the interlocutor will not hear you. You would be connected to an ongoing call and only your colleague would hear you.

Call parking

When a call is for another colleague, you can notify him. The system will assign a position in chronological order. This call can be picked up by any telephone station of the company. It’s similar to putting someone on hold in an analog system.

Call pick up

When a call rings on an adjacent station, you can pick up that call simply by using the function *.

*Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon territory, Nunavut territory et North-West territories.

**Delivered through internet using an analog telephone adapter.

Extension characteristics list (Continuation)

Saving calls

We can save all your phone calls or only on demand.

Blocking calls

If you indicate a telephone number as undesirable calls. This number can be blocked and won’t be able to call you.

Queue system

This will allow you to have many calls on hold until an agent is free to take the next call. As soon as an agent is free, the call that has been on hold the longest will be transfered to him. Many configurations are possible with this service.

Multiple ringing

You can differenciate calls based on a contact in your phone’s directory, an external call or an internal call.

Personalised ringing duration

For call reception, you can decide on the ringing delay. It can be different from one station to the other.


Through a speakers system, it is possible to make announcement. It is also possible to make announcement directly on the phones’ speakers.

Personal identification number (PIN)

A PIN is used to protect voicemail, but also to allow you to make long distance calls by connecting from outside.


With the intercom, you can call the speaker of a telephone and exchange with your interlocutor.


There are two solutons for the fax. We can install an equipment to continue sending and receiving in a traditional manner. If not, we also offer virtualisation for both receiving and sending. This means you will receive your fax as an attachment through email and, likewise, you will send also through your email.

Find me

Similar to sequential ringing (call hunting), when you receive a call on a specific station, you can choose to make it ring on several equipments with a time delay. As an example, it rings your office’s phone and 10 seconds later, it starts ringing your cellphone.

Follow me

Contrary to find me, when you receive a call on a specific station, you can choose to make it ring on several equipments with no time delay. As an example, it rings on your office’s phone at the same time that it rings on your cellphone.

HD audio quality

The audio quality is higher than with an analog system.

Direct telephone number

A telephone number directly directed toward a member of the team without going through the same steps as the main line.

Telephone directory

Most telephones allow up to 1,000 contacts in the telephone’s directory.

Automatic updates with no service interruption

Our services function in continuous redundancy. Therefore, when we do updates, the services are migrated on a secondary server during the update to then come back on the primary server once it’s updated.

Real-time automated scale

With a schedule, it is possible to establish a behaviorA when you are open and a behavior B when you are closed. It is possible to establish a behavior C when there are other specific hours, such as lunch break.

*Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon Territories, Nunavut Territories and North-West Territories

**Delivered via Internet by using an analog telephone adapter

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